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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

We are having our annual neighborhood wide garage sale this weekend. Just around the corner, I found a fantastic round side-table with caning as it's top and base. It needs a bit of TLC, but I am happy to use it as-is for now. I love the way it looks in our front room! We are so lucky to have it! And my favorite part, it only cost $5.00!

I found 1 more side table for only $2.00. I am not sure where I am going to put it right now. But I will definitely try out my re-finishing and painting skills. I'll keep you posted....

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  1. You do realize the possibilities with a little paint here right LOL???? Just don't leave it on the garage floor! I love that round table...it looks perfect in your LR. Thanks for linking up to the party. Enjoy your weekend too....go salen!~

  2. I love your little tables! They're both darling and wow, you got great prices on them. I would sooooo be painting them white but they're darling either way:)

  3. WOW!! What great tables!! I love both of them and they would look so good in my house too!! LOL!!
    And the prices you paid were fantastic!!
    I think you did darn good with these great finds!!
    I am so jealous!!! LOL!!


  4. Love the drop leaf table! Paint is a girl's best friend!

  5. Wow! I love those tables. I would not paint either one but that is just me.

  6. I love the awesome things you can find at garage sales and wish our neighborhood had a community one!!

    You got some really great stuff - I am definitely going to follow you so I can see all the cool things you get!!!

  7. Spray paints work wonders!! Great finds!

    Come and visit for a Designer Giveaway from Pillow Mint!

    Art by Karena

  8. Those are both fantastic! Fabulous finds!

  9. I do have to say I am jealouos of both of these beauties! THey don't need a thing to make them shine. Maybe wine.....

    1. Ha! And while the wine is pouring, you can come up with all kinds of ideas... Thanks for stopping by!


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