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Monday, February 27, 2012

Are You A Tim Holtz Distress Ink Fan? Check out these markers!!

Looking for a little Distress fun?  As in Tim Holtz Distress Markers?
The best price I have seen for these is at Oh My Crafts!  On sale here for $99.00; then use the SAVE20 coupon code & receive 20% off, plus FREE SHIPPING -for a grand total of $79.99. {Delivery in late March.}
Tim Holtz Distress Markers are water-based inks for coloring, journaling, stamping and more. The dual tip markers are ideal for many coloring techniques.

Distress Markers are available to match the Distress palette of 36 color and White Picket Fence.

Canister contains 37 markers, 1 of each color

  • Acid free, non-toxic
  • Available in Distress 37 color palette
  • Available open stock or in canister set
  • Use brush tip for coloring, stamping and shading
Note: Individual markers are on sale for $3.25 each (regular price $3.49); these are available "late February"  -so any day now. :)

"Mr. Holz" gives a great demonstration using these fabulous markers at the CHA 2012.  Noell Hyman of Paper Clipping 4 U (YouTube Channel) caught an exclusive early morning demo before opening, and there are no other interfering sounds in the background -really easy to hear!  Tim shows how they blend well very well, do not fade, and yet will not "smear" and actually resist when distress ink is added on top of the marker ink.  There is a special white marker, Picket Fence, which is on opaque marker.  On dark paper -it goes on invisible and dries seconds later to white.  You can go over your already colored images to add the frosty look too.  He mentioned that this marker can be used on all colors as well.  The video is about 10 minutes, but it was so fun to watch all that color, and how easy it was, that I just could not stop watching!  Now go and take a look -you will be inspired!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Collage-Collective Blog

Gotta give a shout-out to Three Muses  blog for their place where others can exhibit their creations as well. {Self description: We are three friends who have NEVER met, yet share a good sense of humor, and a common interest in art in all its forms.  We are Ann from the UK, Marie from Western Australia, and Bev from Indiana in the US.}

Digital collages are definitely in my future!  I am working on sooner, rather than later.  Step one:  Load Photoshop onto computer: Check.

One Contributor, Ann of Taluula's, really entertained me & made me smile today.  Take a look: 
Love the bit about never telling lies... 

Who doesn't love Johnny Depp? (I actually got side-tracked by this one...)

The Queen, keeping up with fashion.

And some tattered wings, must get a lot of use...  Sorry, I was distracted, forgot to warn you about the non-PG thing.

While we are on the subject of wings, this next image is not actually a collage per se.  Although, it has an aged look to it, some teeny tiny, very useful I am sure, wings to look at.  And, it does have a bit in common with the above collage of Ann's.  I am sure you will enjoy it too.
Brendan Fraser, looking very fast

Another blog favorite of mine who also completes the 3 Muses challenges is Tania: Wild @ Heart.
 This one is titled, "She's a Handful" 

Another in a series of alphabet cards.  Isn't he handsome?

This one reminds me so much of the poem books I loved as a child!

Tania whips up fun images for Freebie Fridays too!  Here is her latest: 

and a previous offering~
So much inspiration, what's one to do? Utterly enjoy, that's what!

Good to see you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Gloriously Exuberant Ending!

You know this guy?  If you do not, his name is Peanut.  Full name: Peanut Patches Jet-Fighter.  You can learn more about his name origination here.  
 Last night, he gave me quite a fright!  Peanut made me feel sick to my stomach -for the whole 20 minutes that he was lost!! Although, I do not think he knew that he was lost! As far as he was concerned, he was on a walk by himself -and quite enjoying it too.  It was kinda rainy, I know, unusual for the Seattle area.  Go figure.  I had just parked the car, waiting for my son D and his friend L to finish up their indoor rock climbing.  The dogs were with me, so the 3 of us got out of the car for a bit  for fresh air.

So, what happened?  Peanut disappeared! I saw Peanut go through a sparse, tall hedge, but did not think anything of it. I was looking toward the door to see if the boys had come out yet, and then I turned around and saw where Staxie was, and just thought that Peanut was behind the small bush too, as she is always right with him. Could not find Peanut anywhere! I called him, and called him -knowing that he probably couldn't hear me -his hearing is playing tricks on him these days. Near panic set in, as I got the pen light from the glove box. The boys, by now waiting in the car, got back out to help me look. Ugh, having looked in the obvious places, I had to go into the creepy dark bushes on the side of the building, calling out to him. Creepy, like dead  bodies could be back there.... {shiver} Wasn't too bad, the creepy bit just lead to the back parking lot. Not there. Sent D along the drive that took us in there, just in case Peanut had jammed that way. Then I started off in the direction through the bushes where I last saw him head. So, 2 parking lots over, I realized that I needed to call L's mom, and tell her that she may need to come and pick the boys up, as I might be there until 1:00 in the morning.... She agreed to head down immediately -I suggested that she wait 15 minutes... and, as I was talking to her, I saw a little movement of white, by a white van, -in front of the black tire. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Were the rain spots on my glasses creating a wavy shadow? Nope!! Joy of joys!!!! It was Peanut!!! -Not really sure why I was so excited to see him. I was shaking, I was so relieved! Stinker. O.K, that is my story. I would make him wear a bell, but  that might interfere with what he actually could hear. Like me calling him. 
  Here he is trying to get out of trouble by helping me show you a sneak peek of fabric.  When the weather warms up, I'll be using it to cover a really comfy chair that I got for free!  {He really should be drooling -I gave him a gazillions treats trying to get him to look at the camera! Guess he got burned out from modeling when he was in that calendar a few years ago.}
Good to see you,


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