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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Gloriously Exuberant Ending!

You know this guy?  If you do not, his name is Peanut.  Full name: Peanut Patches Jet-Fighter.  You can learn more about his name origination here.  
 Last night, he gave me quite a fright!  Peanut made me feel sick to my stomach -for the whole 20 minutes that he was lost!! Although, I do not think he knew that he was lost! As far as he was concerned, he was on a walk by himself -and quite enjoying it too.  It was kinda rainy, I know, unusual for the Seattle area.  Go figure.  I had just parked the car, waiting for my son D and his friend L to finish up their indoor rock climbing.  The dogs were with me, so the 3 of us got out of the car for a bit  for fresh air.

So, what happened?  Peanut disappeared! I saw Peanut go through a sparse, tall hedge, but did not think anything of it. I was looking toward the door to see if the boys had come out yet, and then I turned around and saw where Staxie was, and just thought that Peanut was behind the small bush too, as she is always right with him. Could not find Peanut anywhere! I called him, and called him -knowing that he probably couldn't hear me -his hearing is playing tricks on him these days. Near panic set in, as I got the pen light from the glove box. The boys, by now waiting in the car, got back out to help me look. Ugh, having looked in the obvious places, I had to go into the creepy dark bushes on the side of the building, calling out to him. Creepy, like dead  bodies could be back there.... {shiver} Wasn't too bad, the creepy bit just lead to the back parking lot. Not there. Sent D along the drive that took us in there, just in case Peanut had jammed that way. Then I started off in the direction through the bushes where I last saw him head. So, 2 parking lots over, I realized that I needed to call L's mom, and tell her that she may need to come and pick the boys up, as I might be there until 1:00 in the morning.... She agreed to head down immediately -I suggested that she wait 15 minutes... and, as I was talking to her, I saw a little movement of white, by a white van, -in front of the black tire. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Were the rain spots on my glasses creating a wavy shadow? Nope!! Joy of joys!!!! It was Peanut!!! -Not really sure why I was so excited to see him. I was shaking, I was so relieved! Stinker. O.K, that is my story. I would make him wear a bell, but  that might interfere with what he actually could hear. Like me calling him. 
  Here he is trying to get out of trouble by helping me show you a sneak peek of fabric.  When the weather warms up, I'll be using it to cover a really comfy chair that I got for free!  {He really should be drooling -I gave him a gazillions treats trying to get him to look at the camera! Guess he got burned out from modeling when he was in that calendar a few years ago.}
Good to see you,

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