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Monday, January 17, 2011

If Peanut Were An Owl...

Some of you may have noticed Peanut having a tea party with Rosie at the top of my blog. Just so you know, this was not his first photo-shoot. Peanut was previously made famous due to a volunteer photo-shoot with freelance photographers, Sharon Eide & Elizabeth Flynn. He was featured in 3 different calendars from Browntrout Publishers. The calendars were from 2006 and 2008. Peanut's "fee" was a free calendar for his family!!! And of course, we had to buy a few extras for our extended family! LOL!

Here he is driving around town with me as my partner-in-crime.

I was viewing images today, thinking about a project I want to attempt and I came across this picture. And I thought, "If Peanut were an owl, he would look like this!"

Do you see the resemblance? Does your family's furry companion have a double?


  1. That is too funny. I totally see it. Before my Chocolate lab passed away, he reminded me of a brown bear cub.

  2. Ha - Peanut does look like that owl. Blessings, Kim

  3. That was such a cute comparison... I am enamored with your wit and humor and have decided to follow you in an instant.... How good is that for your ego? Lol!

    Thanks for your visit. I would love you to become my follower too - but never mind if you don't as I promise I will come and visit you.

    Xxx Monica

  4. That is too cute. Have a great night. Hope to see you Monday at the pet party.

  5. OMGosh! This made me laugh so hard! I am in love with your doggie!!

    From one chihuahua lover to another, have a great night,

  6. Omgosh I just love peanut he is so cute!! He is a Pom right? I also have a white pom her name is Bella she's my baby as I can see peanut is yours. Enjoying you blog glad to have found it.


  7. @JanaeHi Janae! Peanut is sneaky in his appearance.... he is actually a long coat Chihuahua! I see that he looks so much like Bella -they could be litter-mates. His 4 pounds would make him the runt. :)

  8. Wow hes so pretty, I didn't know Chihuanhua's could have that nice of a coat!

  9. Hi Shelly, thanks for stoppin by my blog and the lovely comments! I will become a follower of you! Cute animals! I have them too! Aren't they just the kats meow! LOL
    Love your blog! and thanks again for stopping by to say hello! Hugs Kat =^.^=


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