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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PicMonkey.com {Example #2}

Here's a quick example of some basic "fixes" that you may want to add to a photo.  I chose an old photo from a group, so it is not the best quality, but that is the point, right? :)
I wish I had kept better notes.... thought I would remember, as I did this only 2 days ago!  (Just right before I got sick... good excuse?)
On the After, I added mascara, and it looks like I only used "bright eyes" on my right eye, ha ha!  Oh well.  I used Cloning to remove some of my hair that I did not clear away from my neck, and to reduce the "big" hair I was experiencing on my left.  Gave myself a tan, and it appears that I also used the Weight Loss feature -although I do not remember for sure...  My favorite was the Wrinkle Remover -for my t-shirt.  I think it makes me look like I am sitting up straighter.  A good look. :) Then, I just headed over to the "P" section to add in the Text, and for the last step I popped over to Collage to drag my pictures in.

This is a great photo to use, because it has so many nooks and crannies.  Some alternate looks available... {Please click on the photo collages to see larger, and more clearly.}

The Warhol effect can be kinda creepy, hence the barely altered look I chose.  I did not want to look at a creepy photo of my son!  Another gruesome effect is the Focal Black & White, in reverse.  Just check the (reverse) box, and you get that alive-dead look really well.  Just click on the collage if you want to enlarge it. 

Want to make your masterpiece look a lot older than the 10 years or so than it was taken?  Try these~

I will leave you with one final "effect" which looks more like a frame to me. It is called:  ~Cinerama~ (Note: This photo was taken with black and white film, no alteration there!)

Hope you have fun checking this out!  Come back soon. :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PicMonkey.com is a Wonderful Place to Hang Out! {Example #1}

Are you sad to see Picnik(dot)com leave? It had so many great digital photo effects for free, and for a small fee, enhanced membership.  WELL... Cheer up!  PicMonkey.com is here to save you!  I have been playing around a bit and am posting a cool picture of none other than... Peanut. :)

Peanut was the driver in this shot.  From the Basic Edit's Menu,  I chose the Crop feature to cut out some of the bottom which was showing the center cup holders, and cut off some of the right side to place him in a more flattering position.  Then I used the Clone feature to "delete" the papers in the side-door-pocket.  I also used Cloning to work on his eyes a bit -taking some of the glare out.  I zoomed way in to work on his eyes using my mouse wheel.

From the Effect's Menu, Camera Look, I chose "Daguerreotype." Then I added "Brady" and "Shiro" effects before saving.

The site is set up with the Categories listed on the left.  Top left is the Category by title, and side left is Category by icon.  Basic Edit = small molecule structure.  Effects = science flask. Textures = square grid turned on point.   There are of course, MANY MORE features to peruse.

I will continue posting pics this week as examples of what this site can do for you.  I will try and show some practical uses for enhancing photos, not just the artsy effects that look so good on Peanut. :) 

P.S. It is great to be back!! Sorry I have been away so long. ;)

Sharing here: Beyond the Picket Fence



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