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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PicMonkey.com {Example #2}

Here's a quick example of some basic "fixes" that you may want to add to a photo.  I chose an old photo from a group, so it is not the best quality, but that is the point, right? :)
I wish I had kept better notes.... thought I would remember, as I did this only 2 days ago!  (Just right before I got sick... good excuse?)
On the After, I added mascara, and it looks like I only used "bright eyes" on my right eye, ha ha!  Oh well.  I used Cloning to remove some of my hair that I did not clear away from my neck, and to reduce the "big" hair I was experiencing on my left.  Gave myself a tan, and it appears that I also used the Weight Loss feature -although I do not remember for sure...  My favorite was the Wrinkle Remover -for my t-shirt.  I think it makes me look like I am sitting up straighter.  A good look. :) Then, I just headed over to the "P" section to add in the Text, and for the last step I popped over to Collage to drag my pictures in.

This is a great photo to use, because it has so many nooks and crannies.  Some alternate looks available... {Please click on the photo collages to see larger, and more clearly.}

The Warhol effect can be kinda creepy, hence the barely altered look I chose.  I did not want to look at a creepy photo of my son!  Another gruesome effect is the Focal Black & White, in reverse.  Just check the (reverse) box, and you get that alive-dead look really well.  Just click on the collage if you want to enlarge it. 

Want to make your masterpiece look a lot older than the 10 years or so than it was taken?  Try these~

I will leave you with one final "effect" which looks more like a frame to me. It is called:  ~Cinerama~ (Note: This photo was taken with black and white film, no alteration there!)

Hope you have fun checking this out!  Come back soon. :)


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  1. Shelly that is fun and fantastic! I am now over at word press that is why my blog is not updating. my new url is


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