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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

Summer has arrived!!!  Ta Da!  I was lucky enough to enjoy the morning of beautiful sunshine on my friend's dock.  I even had to don my sunglasses, which is unusual for me.   Whenever I visit, I get to bring my pooches too, which is very cool.  Pictures are courtesy of my cell phone in sepia mode. :)

Here is Peanut.  He is actually finished visiting and would like to go now.

Staxie is enjoying the sun, and trying really hard to stay in one place for me so that I can snap a seemingly natural pose.

 And what would a visit be without hanging out with Molly too?

Enjoy the sunshine!!
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UPDATE:  No such thing as too much of a good thing...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mini Greenhouse ~Quick 15 Minute Project!

Can you guess what this is??? A mini greenhouse! {I guess the title kind of gave it away...} I have been staring at these containers for a while now, just knowing they could be re-used for something.  I actually keep recycling them, these are just the latest to bring fruit into our home.  They have such potential for molding material, they are see-through, they are slick!

I have been planting a vegetable garden out front -because that is where we have sun. :)  And while the bees are busy buzzing around our lavender, I thought they would probably pop over to our veggies too. So far, so good.  However, the sun has been staying behind the clouds a lot and I am planting the rest of my seeds a bit late.  Why not create mini green houses to give the seeds a boost?

Start with your ingredients:  Fruit container (mine is from Costco); garden soil; seeds; small piece of wood; nail & hammer.  Set the container on top of your scrap wood and hammer a hole in the bottom of each "well."

Fill each section liberally with soil, sew your seeds.  Note: with the larger container, I added some holes for venting, as it was airtight.

Label each section of the lid with a Sharpie;

Place in your garden and voila!

 I think it took me all of 15 minutes -while I was on the phone talking to a friend. :)  And I should probably mention that my soil was already soaked, as I had left it out in the rain.  I have never done this before, so if it fails... I will let you know!!    Be sure to show me your mini greenhouse designs!

UPDATE:  Go here to see the results!


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hey Chica! ~A fun paper piecing card~

Hey Chicas! (Y Chicos!)  I found a card that I remembered to take pictures of, but I forgot to post.  I think that must be due to fear of my blog becoming a "cards only" blog -and that just cannot happen!! It is just that so many of my larger projects are still in my head, you know, in the "fantasizing" "planning" stage.  Also known as not-yet-ready-for-posting stage.  So another card it is!  Do you mind?

Here's a close up of the paper piecing of her hair and ribbon.  I just used liquid glue, like Martha Stewarts glue pen or Stampin Ups 2-way glue pen.  Worked really well to hold her hair down over the ribbon.

Inside I added a tab for fun and a lacy die cut.  And as you can see, I had already written in this by the time I took the picture!

The ribbon, ready for her close up...

Enjoy your day!


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