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~Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.~

~I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know
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~Oscar Wilde



Monday, April 29, 2013

Mrs. Prindables & a Product Size Comparison

I am happy to say that I just had a really fun birthday!  The fun started even before when I received a gift that had to be refrigerated -this treat came from Mrs. Prindable's. My brother's family sent a huge apple covered with caramel, chocolate & nuts -yum! Let's just say that this brother's name is Michael.  He wanted to know what size "huge" was and asked me to take a picture of the apple with another object, for size reference. {Telling Michael that it served 10 -12, wasn't enough information.} I had just the item in mind... Peanut!  Our Chihuahua helps me out with my blog here & there and he definitely fit the bill once again.

Here's our attempt to get it just right...

Peanut was very well behaved and did not try to eat the apple, jump off the table, or knock the cup over.  Peanut accomplished another modeling job without even a treatI feel bad now, thinking about it.  I did tell him what a big help he was and played with him! 

Have a wonderful day, come back soon! ~Shelly

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pinterest Pin-It Button link to tutorial

Did you know there is an easier way for visitors to Pin their favorite pictures from your blog? I just realized this when I was over at 
Jody Morrow's blog, Confessions of a Ribbon Addict to check out her little bike rider with the 3-D felt grass (CUTE!)

Each time you hover or "mouseover" a picture, the Pin-it button shows up.  Just one click and you are automatically transported to the description box.  One more click and you are finished!  

Gotta have this feature!  I Googled "how to add pinterest button on to a photo in blogger" and found {kevin & amanda}'s fun blog. They have an excellent tutorial and share their reasons why they use the hover-over button.  However, since I use Blogger, per their suggestion, I had to go to BloggerSentral(dot)comBlogger Sentral has a link to free button designs too.  I am on my way there now to search for a design in turquoise.  It will clash terribly with my blog background, but turquoise is a weakness of mine.  I can't help it!
{I also get to figure out how to remove the P.I. button from the end of my posts -now that I have this new fancy type, the old option will only confuse you... and me.}


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Coloring on Kraft Cardstock

Need a little inspiration?  Are your pencils getting dusty?  Over at My Favorite Things, the MFT Academy posting is a lesson on "Coloring On Kraft with Prismacolor Premier Pencils.  Guest Professor, Inge Groot, Patterned Paper blogger has written an excellent tutorial with each step captured in pictures!  Inge explains in great detail, why you are using certain colors, and why shading is being added to specific areas.  The exact colors of the pencils are listed too, if you want to create the same look.

Learn how she goes from this 
to this
to this!

 Don't worry, like I said -she explains it all. You will definitely have new skills when you follow along with her lesson!  If you are thinking about writing a tutorial, this is an excellent model to follow.
Thank  you, Inge!!

Enjoy your day~


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