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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Coloring on Kraft Cardstock

Need a little inspiration?  Are your pencils getting dusty?  Over at My Favorite Things, the MFT Academy posting is a lesson on "Coloring On Kraft with Prismacolor Premier Pencils.  Guest Professor, Inge Groot, Patterned Paper blogger has written an excellent tutorial with each step captured in pictures!  Inge explains in great detail, why you are using certain colors, and why shading is being added to specific areas.  The exact colors of the pencils are listed too, if you want to create the same look.

Learn how she goes from this 
to this
to this!

 Don't worry, like I said -she explains it all. You will definitely have new skills when you follow along with her lesson!  If you are thinking about writing a tutorial, this is an excellent model to follow.
Thank  you, Inge!!

Enjoy your day~


  1. Oh Shelley, this is super, super cute. And thanks for posting the link to the tutorial. I am struggling to learn how to colour with my Faber Castells as Prisma pencils are not available here.
    Your image is so cute and thanks for showing the steps... makes me feel that I will get there.

    1. Monica! I am so glad you found this helpful! I am always ready to color. :) I can always hook you up with some Prisma pencils, just let me know. (The Michael's craft stores here always have 40% off coupons.) Easy for me to do. :) Inge may have created a couple of coloring monsters... Ha!

  2. Oh Shelly you are so very kind to send me those links of free images and on visiting your blog I just found this comment for me. Thanks for the kind offer and the discount sounds so tempting. Let me send you an email on this. I am so touched at your thoughtfulness.



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