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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pinterest Pin-It Button link to tutorial

Did you know there is an easier way for visitors to Pin their favorite pictures from your blog? I just realized this when I was over at 
Jody Morrow's blog, Confessions of a Ribbon Addict to check out her little bike rider with the 3-D felt grass (CUTE!)

Each time you hover or "mouseover" a picture, the Pin-it button shows up.  Just one click and you are automatically transported to the description box.  One more click and you are finished!  

Gotta have this feature!  I Googled "how to add pinterest button on to a photo in blogger" and found {kevin & amanda}'s fun blog. They have an excellent tutorial and share their reasons why they use the hover-over button.  However, since I use Blogger, per their suggestion, I had to go to BloggerSentral(dot)comBlogger Sentral has a link to free button designs too.  I am on my way there now to search for a design in turquoise.  It will clash terribly with my blog background, but turquoise is a weakness of mine.  I can't help it!
{I also get to figure out how to remove the P.I. button from the end of my posts -now that I have this new fancy type, the old option will only confuse you... and me.}


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