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Monday, January 24, 2011

Show Off Your Fur Babies Linky Party!

For those of you who are fellow animal enthusiasts... Debbie at Debbiedoos is having a pet party. Started off by her Lovely Lucy! Last spring, we had just lost our beloved Rosie, and we were very sad. :( Then Staxie came into our lives to help cheer us up! This is Staxie Blossom Cuttle-Bear.We do not have too many pics yet.. well let me clarify -picures where you can actually see her face! Her fur is so black, it usually looks like a shadow. :)

And of course she came along to keep our Peanut company as well. Here he is on a friend's dock on the lake, very proud of himself that he went for a swim.

And in memory of Rosie, how she was that same day on the lake, having a bit of a "surf." {sniff}

And, here is Tigger, but he seems to be hiding behind the curtain....

To see more of Peanut, and how he would look if he were an owl.... go here. Thank you Debbie for the partay!!


  1. Shelly I am so very happy to see you and your fur babies here. I am sorry for your loss...but happy for your gain. Pugs are a real hoot..and I just can't imagine my life without lucy. I have met so many new pets today, I really want another one now.

  2. I just hopped over from the Pet Party...Love your sweet Peanut, Staxie, Tigger, and of course your little Rosie...XO

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Your babies are so cute was the pet party so fun? I hope Debbie does it again. I really like your blog.

  4. Your pets are precious! So sorry to hear about your beloved Rosie. She looks like she knew how to have fun. :)

  5. Oh my, what beautiful fur babies you have! They are all so precious :)

  6. Thanks Shelly, we love our Furr Boys. They are the joy of our lifes right now. We take them even on vacation.
    Love your babies as well. They are just precious. I had never seen a black pug until this Pet Party. Love them....
    Hope you don't mind I am adding your blog to my list of followers.

  7. Awww...I love all your babies!!

    I know exactly what you mean about pictures of Staxie!! Lucy (our black pug) is either moving too much when I try to take pictures or she's a blur with glowing eyes. LOL

  8. One of my friends had a black pug. They are adorable. But all your doggies are. Sorry to hear about Rosie.

  9. Lovely pics. Love the last one...

    Sorry about Rosie... hope Staxie has filled the void...

    xxx Monica

  10. Have left you some love on my blog...

    xxx Monica

  11. What beautiful pictures.They really capture the character of your babies!

  12. OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I'm most definetelly and for sure your newest follower as I'm totally nuts over PUGS! Unfortunatelly we lost our 12 yr. old Pug, Ben last year, I still miss him so! I'm still in morning for him. I just saw yours, the white and the black...Gosh, I wish I could run and get another, but I have to think because we travel a lot! Invite to a tea party with Peanut and Rosie, I'd love to go! Thanks for sharing, I'm looking forward to your visit pretty girl.

  13. Your fur babies are so cute! Sorry to hear about your loss of Rosie. It is so hard!


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