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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Before and Afters Seem to Have a Strong Pull...

One of my favorite things to blog about and/or view other blogs are Before and Afters.... along with tutorials in case I someday have the time to try it out myself! Yes, lots of dreaming. :) I just found Better After. This blog has over 3,000 Followers, so you may have already found it! HOWEVER, it is absolutely worth mentioning... I have even signed up to receive emails of new posts... Am I obsessed? A Welcome quote from the Blogger, Lindsey: "This site is inspired by you! This is a showcase of my favorite part of any design project or makeover: The before and afters! It's always better after!"

This just posted the other day. A lucky grand daughter is enjoying a new kitchen, with a fabulous view!

There are actually Zebras in the window view to match the curtains - ha!

To see this specific post at Better After, go HERE. Love it!

UPDATE: Creator of the kitchen, Denise Adams, now has the tutorial set up on her new blog! Go HERE to visit her blog, Stitches and Nails.


  1. Thanks for posting pictures of my 'kitchen'. What fun we have had with it!!! I have 2 more entertainment centers in my garage just waiting to come to life :}

  2. Thanks for the shoutout Shelly! I'm so glad you found my blog and are enjoying it! PS: Maybe I'll go put my name on my welcome message!

  3. What a great kitchen - I am totally impressed!


  4. what a great blog, thanks for sharing it!

  5. My blog now has the play kitchen information on it: Stitchesandnails.blogspot.com


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