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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holiday Sweet Swap

{holiday sweet swap} is starting
THIS SATURDAY, OCT. 1st and lasting all the way through December!! Official party time is October 1st - December 31st, plenty of time to showcase your finest sweet treats. Our fabulous hostess is Keri, over at Pressed Down, Shaken Together.
This is a low-calorie way to enjoy the rest of 2011. :)  Really, I probably won't try any of the recipes.  Just look...

Keri has several Hostesses, and I will be one of them!  I am hosting for the month of November.  Maybe, just maybe, some of those pumpkins I planted will be ready.  A girl can dream.

Add your seasonal holiday treats -old and new posts are welcome!
You can join the party fun now.. get ready to hang out in the kitchen!

Sweet Swap Linky Party


    1. I'm excited to be joining you as one of the hostesses! I think this sounds like tons of fun and I'm sure we'll get lots of great recipes to try.

      I'm a tad envious of your homegrown pumpkins!

    2. @DanielleYes, I am sure I will be sharing a lot with neighbors! Hopefully our pumpkins will get to grow a little more before it get too cold.... keeping my fingers crossed!

    3. Thanks for hosting I joined with my Pull apart pumpkin bread!

    4. I think this swap is such a great idea!! Thanks for checking out my posted recipes and visiting my blog today :)

    5. @JennaHi! I definitely took a look at your recipe -but did not see your comment until today. ONLY a month later.... sorry! Thanks for linking up. :)

    6. @BRITTANYYou are welcome! Sorry for the belated reply. :)


    Comments are so much fun! Thanks for stopping by :)


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