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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 Minute Owl Decor

Oh say, some of you may possibly have viewed yesterday's posting by the Graphics Fairy.  But just a few -she's not really that well known.  So, you probably do not know about her Brag Monday either.  :)
GF mentioned Suzanne's of WhyCuzICan, BOO to You Project, created with the above owl image.  It is very cool, sheet music and all!  Inspiration found.

I decided to give it a quick try on some scrapbook paper.  Although I do have several pads of paper, I could only find one at the moment, I think the paper suits Mr. Owl very well!  If you look closely at the image, you can see that a couple of the dots landed in his eyes -not a look I was going for.  And, since I could not find my mini punch either - I used the Martha Stewart Lady Bug punch to punch out solid green circles to cover the brown dots.  You do not really notice the cover up as you walk by.  Some will say it is an intended effect, I will go along with that.

I started out with a wooden silver frame and rubbed on some black craft paint, wiping off the excess.  Easy stuff.

Embellish with a few bats, and that's it!

Please excuse the poor lighting.  The lights caused too much glare.  And there is not a single ray of natural lighting to be found in today's sky!

Need some more owl inspiration?  How about popping over to visit Cute Polish and find out how to create an owl that you can take with you everywhere and that matches my paper! 

Remember to stop by the on-going Holiday Sweet Swap.  I will be co-hosting in November!

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  1. This is very sweet of you to talk about my little owl project (if you have a button, I'll gladly put it on my own sidebar). YOUR owl project is sooo cute too! Nice job!

    Let me know if you have a button, I'll proudly display being "featured" here for the inspiration for your DARLING little owl project!

    WHYCUZICAN (Suzanne)

  2. @WhyCuzICanUgh!! I did it, I created a button... This is an image that I "own" and that I didn't have to take a lot of time to use clip-art, etc. with... Thanks for your super sweet compliments! :)

  3. This is sooooo striking... very well done.

    xxx Monica

  4. Shelley, I see you DO have a button I can use. I just emailed you back... I'll place the button on my side bar of where I've been Featured/Spotted at my site at : http://whycuzican.blogspot.com

    Come see :)
    Smiles, Suzanne at Whycuzican

  5. This is so ironic as I just made something very very similar with the same graphic. SOOOOO cute..thanks so much for sharing with my newbie party.

  6. The owl came out great! So cute. Laura Cottage and Broome

  7. Stopping by from Debbiedoos...enjoyed your blog....love your background too! I too am a blog newbie. Stop by my place anytime! P.S. I am your newest follower.

  8. Hi there! I found your site through a search for owl decor. I noticed you have a pug by your profile up above! Cute little pugger! Anyway, just wanted to say hi!

    1. Hey! Funny how we end up places. I was making a Google search with a question about iris', and a link popped up @ a cookie site. It was my friend's site, 2 states away -we used to belong to a playgroup with our sons. Funny. I popped over to your blog -so many pugs, I loved it. You have a really fun blog -so, I am your newest Follower. Have a great day & hi! back. :)


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