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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magazine Inspired Halloween Tags

You pick up a magazine because it has a fun cover, and teases you with yet another article about freeing yourself of clutter -then what happens?  The cover happens to be your favorite part of the magazine!  I am sure I liked the inside too, but to tell you the truth -I cannot remember much about the articles.  Well, except that to make cake balls, you actually scrap the cake with a fork and mush it all up between your palms to form a ball.  Might have been some icing mixed in there too -not sure.

This is what happens when the cover is more fun:
You cut it out, and use it!  For what?  I thought you would never ask.  To make tags, of course!

Take a bit of Elmer's glue & water, scissors, jar of water w/paintbrush, Polished Pigments "Pure Mica" from Lumin Arte, a good movie, and you are all set.  Mix the glue & water (start with about 1/3 glue to 2/3 water) and add in the powdered pigment to a consistency that you desire.  Desire, you didn't know that this was a sexy project too -did you? 

Here are the tags that I came up with:

Can you tell where my pages came from?  What "type" of book?  (Answer is at the bottom -unless I forget to tell you by the time I get to that bit!)

Most of the backs just had my paint mixture on them.  This one has a bit of book page on it.  Later I added Halloween themed ribbons to them, before I used them for Thank You's.

All in a row~

Wish I had kept one for myself -I could use it to keep my place in a very scary book....

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Answer:  An Almanac.

Have a fantastic day, and thanks so much for stopping by!!

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