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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anyone Lost?

Address & Directions are Fake

Is it difficult to get to your house?  Have a lot of numbered streets?  That's what it is like for us -after living here for 11 years, I still get a bit mixed up!  Yes, I know, we are living in the age of a GPS in every car... almost.

When we used to need a babysitter, I wanted him/her to be prepared!  If there was an emergency -how would he/she know the info for 911 to get here? Sometimes Rescuers can use a clue in a confusing maze.  For example:  house color, 2-story, on the left, 2nd from the corner, etc.  We have all heard about a child who has run outside to wave the emergency vehicles to the correct house quickly.

So, those few (ha!) years ago, I decided to frame directions to our home.  If someone is lost, or in an emergency, all we had to do was grab the frame off the wall, right next to the phone -and read out the address.  Easy Peasy.  Gives me piece of mind.  At the time, I thought it would be too much information to add our cell numbers to frame, so I wrote them down just inside the cupboard door.  But now, I think they could be added at the bottom -away from the home phone and that would work really well.  And -how about adding your names too?  Bet that kind of info can fly right out of your head in an emergency. 

When a lost guest calls, sometimes I still grab this little frame for reference.  Guess what, teens are even less clued in than I am -pretty sure they use it too, when I am not looking.  We actually keep it hung up behind the computer screen -it doesn't really match  our decor, but we know where it is.

I am happy to report, everyone is safe & sound.  I have only ever handed this to my husband or kids for them to help someone trying to find our home. :)

Do not follow, you will get lost!

To print this out, I used cardstock, and "bold" print setting.  The frame is 5x5, and the font size is 12p, Times New Roman.

Stay safe! 


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