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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Featured Wedding Inspiration

Just found out today that our cousin's wedding was featured on The Wedding Day blog; post dated January 10, 2012.  Such a romantic 
setting on this beautiful grass covered field. 
 The Wedding Day blog is a site that has free wedding websites and gives inspiration to couples planning their big day.

 Isn't this gorgeous?  Love, love the J & J monogram, back to back.  Their names are Jason and Juanita -so sweet.  Yummy textures!

What?  More romantic shots?  I have to get in my quota of sighs for the day.  Come on -do it with me... S - i - g - h..., doesn't that feel better?

 Sweet banners & chalkboard hearts - getting any DIY ideas?

 And, what use is any romantic wedding without a bit of silliness mixed in? 

Want to see more?  Just head on over to The Wedding Day (a South African based site) for the whole story -how they met and all.  You may just get a peek of some handsome groomsmen as well ;-)

And, if you feel like seeing what kind of trouble you can get into, check out their DIY section, like any good blogger would!

Here's some DIY flowers to temp you...

See you soon,


  1. I love your inspiration! Those chalkboard hearts are super cute!

  2. What great photos of the bride and groom! That is very cool that they are featured on that website. They will always have that story to tell!!!

    Thanks for stopping by P3...

  3. Awesome blog, I love the layout and colors!! I am a new follower via GFC and LINKY. Happy Blogging!!! www.questofthenocturnalbaker.blogspot.com


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