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~Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.~

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~Oscar Wilde



Monday, December 3, 2012

Homecoming Heels

It has been quite a while since I went to a Homecoming dance. Striking suits & ties, sparkly dresses, and oh... those high heeled shoes!  For privacy purposes, I cannot really show you the faces that go with the shoes... The shoes however, want to be famous!
{via Posterize option in PicMonkey}

Silvery Curving Sparkles~

Blurry?  Doesn't matter here~

Hot Pink Satin Bows~

Love how the black accents the heel~

 Golden Strappiness~

Sandy Tan and accents of white~

Muted Pinks on tippy toes~

Even looks comfortable, doesn't it?~

Lovely Mochas~

Lined up and ready for the dance~ {a few pictures first...}

Silvery Smooth~

Golden Light w/that fabulous pop of pink~

There you have it, Homecoming Heels with a Posterize feel~

If you want to learn more about PicMonkey.com visit my earlier posts, here, here & here. {Guess I went a little crazy with it!}

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  1. You made me laugh, Shelley when you mentioned the faces that go along with the heels... arghh!!! I know how I feel when I have to wear high heels and what I have to go through. Anyway these photos are great... I like the tricks...
    Thanks for the tips on colouring. I do try sparkly pens every now and then - they look so effective and glam as well.


    1. That makes at least 2 of us who laughed! :)
      I just worked out how to add the Pin It/Pinterest button for posts. Pretty easy once you find the code to follow... Do you use Pinterest?


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