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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Antiquing" Finds and an Extremely Desirable Display Case

Who knew that soccer tournaments and antiquing would go together? Well, I do now! Last weekend we had about 3 hours in between soccer games for our son, so we took along the motorhome to hang out and have the comforts of home with us. And, just a couple of blocks up from the field is a little town with one of the best street of shops for antiques in the area.

At our very first stop, I was in love...
with an Early General Store Flatware Display Case. To use for storing eating utensils? Not a chance! I might even be tempted to store tools in this. Of course, I would have to keep it in the house, not the garage. I know my etiquette.

And all for the mere price of $2,900.00.... {sigh}

Now on to more affordable items -aqua canning jars. You know the type! These were $6.00 each, which I felt really great about when I saw one for $10.00. :)

I couldn't resist a close-up of these beauties~

At the same shop, I also found myself a Frog. Not that I will be using it for flowers... I plan to use it to help me out in photo-shoots with my cardmaking.

Here's a close-up that I included even though it is blurry. I kept the flowers in the background in so that you could see that I was actually focusing on SOMETHING!

On our next stop was at a shop with over 50 vendors.... I came across something labeled "cake separator." I didn't buy it, but I took a picture and just had to know more about it. The tag says $7.00.
Turns out that even though it looks like a hair pick, it is actually called a "Cake Slicer." This one is a vintage butterscotch-colored Bakelite brand circa 1927(?)I think it was very helpful when slicing an Angel Food cake.

When we headed back to the fields, we saw this sign:

Someone at the Art Gallery has a great sense of humor. ;)

I want to go back..... I need more aqua jars, and aprons, and old keys, and jewelry... What do you need?


  1. Super bargains at such great cost!!! Well done and the flower holder looks lovely with the pink flowers behind it. Great picture - that one!
    Like the one with humour as well, glad that the gallery owner and you still have a sense of humour!!! Sometimes I fee that the world just takes life so seriously...

    xxx Monica

  2. uh, I keep reading your older posts....obsessed with paper crafts and just cute things. Love the cabinet you found! I have a growing list of things I'm hoping to find next fall when I go to the Round Top antiques market. And yes! I know what you mean about having a small stash of craft supplies with you in case you get stranded on a desert island. :) take care, Diane

  3. I just found out that a town just up the road had a French inspired Flea Market a couple of weeks ago, and I missed it -ugh!! Thanks for looking around, Diane. Always good to know other people get captured by older post too. :)


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