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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Happy Accident!

This morning I popped over to Wild@Heart to see what Tania had cooked up -no she doesn't have a recipe blog. :) I was delighted to realize it was Freebie Friday, and she had created four fantastic floral notes! Her directions say to print out on white cardstock, yet I am so addicted to my creamy cardstock that I had to try that too... they both looked great. (Please note: Tania's designs are for personal use only.)

Since the image was ALREADY creamy, I decided to re-use my creamy cardstock for another of her creations, "pillow box" -(girl-with-pink-umbrella). She is super cute!

Well, I was kind of groggy... my husband had woken me up an hour early by putting both dogs on the bed and they really wanted to play!!! I really had no business trying to print something... Can you guess what I did? Yep, re-loaded the paper, wrong-side-up, and printed the Pink Umbrella Girl on top of the Floral Notes. Who knew a bit of extra background would blend in so well?

Here she is all fluffy and folded in her original state...

folded flat for mailing, etc.

And here she is with some room to make notes....

More room for notes on the back...
I really like BOTH versions. :) Thanks, Tania!

Here's something I figured out when I was using my Scor-Pal for scoring/folding the box. For the curved lines, I started out holding the scoring tool in a groove while pulling the paper in a curve toward myself. Sometimes the tool slipped out of the groove, but once you get the hang of it, it works really well!

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Hi Shelly,

    LOVE the accident and how it turned out... Both the versions are lovely though I have to say that I love the accidental one far more... So you are into clings and backgrounds!!! Great!

    Thanks for the visit and sweet words...

    xxx Monica

  2. I actually like the double-layer more too. I like to layer when I stamp for cards, why not when I print?


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