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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Get Ready -I'm Co-Hosting The SWEET SWAP!!

Hey there! Thinking about coming to the party?  Excellent!  I'm hosting this month's Sweet Swap along with Becca, Emily, Kate & Megan, of Crumbs and Chaos.  They even have a recipe for Breakfast Cake -how can you go wrong starting off your day with cake? The Sweet Swap originated at Pressed Down & Shaken Together on October 1st and will be going strong until December 31st. Please try to visit at least 2 other guest posts -thank you!  Also -linking up an old post is perfectly acceptable. Go HERE to find my post, linking up to the party!  I am so excited to see your recipes and choose some for features!

Today, I am adding this recipe which is specifically for NOV 1ST -really!  I found it in {The New Calendar of Desserts; 365 Answers to the Daily Question: What Shall We Have For Dessert?"} -Revised and Prepared by Elizabeth O. Hiller; circa 1920.   Not a lot of explanation in this collection of recipes, but they are really fun. :)  Today's suggestion:

Parisian Bread Pudding
Butter thin slices of bread and spread with raspberry jam, quince or apple jelly.  Arrange them in qt. buttered pudding dish, lined with macaroons.  Fill dish half full.  Pour 1 qt. boiled custard and stream 1 hour.  Remove from steamer, spread with meringue of whites - 2 eggs beaten stiff with 2 tbsps. sugar.  Brown in oven.  Serve hot with Hard or Foamy Sauce.
[If you figure out what "Hard or Foamy Sauce" is -please let me know!]

I also love a good cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate.  Tastes so wonderful on a cold night!  You have to click on the picture (recipe card) to read the recipe.  If you have trouble, just let me know. :)


  1. You are right, you can NEVER ever go wrong with cake... and chocolate. All the best for the swap. You are so talented. Somehow the kitchen sink and me have never been great buddies. If I could help it I would live on unprocessed foods and bakery bought cakes and stuff. And all I would do is make cards... LOl. If only!!!

    xxx Monica

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  3. i love your blog =)

    -Mia xoxo

  4. @Mia RivelThank you!!! You have a lot of great quotes on your blog. Quotes are one of my favorite "hobbies." :) Thanks for visiting.

  5. Shelly,
    You were awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out my blog here:

  6. Hello! I discovered your blog and I love it! I invite you to stop by mine, this week my DIY is a glitter mini-print clutch Missoni! Hope you like!


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